Chicago Rot Status Update #6

Four Weeks.

Despite my natural inclination toward unnecessary linguistic antics, the news I have the pleasure of delivering today is of such incredible magnitude that I am compelled to forego that indulgence in favor of absolute clarity.

In case the image above is too subtle, here it is – in just under four weeks, on April 4th, 2017, M3 will be releasing Chicago Rot through their Midnight Releasing label. Our film will be available for digital rental/purchase through Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Xbox Marketplace, VUDU, Vimeo on Demand, and FlixFling.

Holy shit.

We will also have DVDs for sale, and our distributor is continuing to work diligently on securing our position within the offerings of several more On Demand services, so keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for updates regarding the continuing putrefaction of your favorite entertainment providers. And in case you miss an update, we will make sure that our homepage and social media cover photos are always reflective of every outlet playing host to our filth and aspirations.

I am sure many of you are also wondering about theatrical screenings, or at least I hope you are, because Rot is even better when the experience is shared with a crowd. We are currently working on getting something set up at a movie theater in Chicago, and if it happens, we will make sure to announce that the moment we have a concrete commitment. For the time being, I highly suggest penciling your plans for the week of April 4th... I am prepared to compare the ideas we are working with to the level of surreal pageantry exhibited at a Medieval Times on a Friday night, or even that of a post-Medieval Times midnight screening of Rocky Horror Picture Show. The only notable exceptions I can think of are that our screening will probably not be at midnight, a completely different movie will be playing, and almost everyone will be seeing that movie for the first time. But as far as being a series of predetermined images and sounds displayed to a room full of people reacting to that sensory onslaught, it is basically the same exact thing.

That is everything we can say for certain right now, but I will be back again with another update as soon as further details are solidified. And if you are doubting my ability to provide more than one proper update in a four week period, well… historically, all of the evidence unequivocally supports your claim. Just know that it is my intention to prove you and history wrong, because we are finally in the favorable position of having an awful lot to talk about.