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Dungeon Crawlers Radio: Filmquest

Our friends and fellow movie fanatics at Cinema Jaw came by the Rot shop for a follow up in their podcast about our progress with Chicago Rot.

A lil IMDB love, thanks Uncle Creepy @ for your legit posts!

Of course Chicago Rot is world news. Thanks to IMDB, and for their article to make it a worldly article.

Uncle Creepy's post to great site for everything horror.

Robert Hood may just be as excited as we are for Chicago Rot. Check out the post from his blog called Undead Backbrain.

Cinema Jaw has the Rot Crew on their podcast show to tell them all about Chicago Rot

Here's an honorable mention from the long abandoned (soon to be demolished) City Methodist Church Gary, IN

Hooray for German horror fans! Thanks Death-Punk movie man for spreading the Rot

083012 german thread.jpg

The Rot spreads so fast and deep, even a gutter company in Bradley, IL is infected by it. We're pretty sure its a gutter company...

Thanks Shu and his article on his blog

A number of things make news in Gary, most not positive, so Chicago Rot was amongst a municipal report, incorrectly claimed to be a mob movie... helping spread the rot.

The Chicago Egotist, do we need to say more. They know what's brewing, Rot. is excited about Rot. As they should. Thanks for the post!

 @moviemavericks gave out a repost, hope to get on their podcast soon!

Horror Smorgasbord is just that, and they smell some rot coming.

Moovy Boovy loves the poster and the Rot crew's dedication to Chicago being an equal incubator for art as it's been seen on the US coasts.

Cannibal Kitchen showing some Rot Love again, also comes with a free recipe for Rot Pies.

Geoff Henao a fellow Chicagoan wrote a glorious review on the trailer on Flixist

Johnnypunk with some rot love on boingboing

The Gossip Wolf on the Chicago Reader find awesome metal with two unlikely but talented acts. #chicagorot

James Richards' is one of the talented photographers working in Chicago. He stopped by our parties and sets. Lucky us. Check out the photos from set and his work.

Chicago Loves their zombies, go figure that Chicago Zombie would lend a shout about our zombie party.

The Horror Movies Blog stands for itself and the title of the article as well.

A little love from Nina Metz with the Chicago Tribune.

Rot spreads thru the radio waves, apply aluminum foil safety hats! (although we recommend you don't, let it rot). Thanks Mike Stephen!

Andy Daglas stopped by the Rot office to check out the rot thats been lingering in the Merchandise Mart. Gapers Block