Brant McCrea: Co-Writer, Composer, Production Designer

Brant McCrea - Co-writer, Composer, Production Designer: 

Dorian Weinzimmer - Co-writer, Director:  

The byproduct of a logic-oriented cinephile and a surrealist painter, Dorian comes across on paper as far more bohemian than he really is. His day to day life is, in actuality, dominated by a fierce loyalty to decorum and a passion for filmmaking so reckless that it will surely drive him to an early grave. Chicago Rot represents his first feature-length effort towards that dream of truncated life expectancy, and to his other dream of contributing as much innovative, uncompromising cinema as he can to the world before his mother outlives him.


Dorian Weinzimmer: Co-Writer, Director

Bobby Navia - 1st Asst. Director:  

Ryan Berena - Director of Photography:  Ryan started out filming him and his buddies snowboarding and skateboarding. He developed his passion when he realized he takes and edits a great picture and video. Despite capturing captivating images, he doesn't like photos of himself, as pictured.

Sam Fell: Sound Design, Location Audio

Sam Fell - Location Audio, Sound Designer: 

Sam Fell has been a visual and audio artist and producer since his grade school movies, high school shows, and college opportunities to hone his skills. He releases his artistry through many mediums and explorations no matter the size or challenge.  Sam is an Audio Engineer and Producer at Gravity Studios in Chicago, IL. Sam has lead and learned, and has gone beyond the call to arms (ears) of Sound Design and Location Audio for Chicago Rot. Sam is responsible for the complete aural experience from pre-production to post, and will lead his team of fellow sound nerds to the much-anticipated finish line to spread the Rot. Sam has been part of the Rot Crew for over 3 years. Sam is sound. Sam is Chicago. Sam is Rot.



Jeremy Vranich - Producer:  

Catherine Lynch - Casting, Acting: